Guest Blogger Showcase




Each month we will have a series of guest bloggers stop by on their virutal book tours. Help us to support these authors by commenting on their posts, purchasing their books and by telling our friends about these fabulous books.

This month we have the spotlight shined on these books:

Life’s Spices from Seasoned Sistahs: A Collection of Life Stories from Mature Women of Color

by Vicki L. Ward (Editor)

Book Description
“Life’s Spices From Seasoned Sistahs” A Collection of Life Stories From Mature Women of Color These are true stories and poems from the voices of women of color.

These “seasoned sistahs” hail from all across the United States and also include a sistah living in India. They boldly share the defining events in their lives. They tell of relationships, parenting, family, self esteem, mothers, forgiveness, death, and finding a spiritual path. They describe how they walked these journeys in their lives.


Up From Rock Bottom by Alicia Williams (Author)

ISBN-10: 0741443368
ISBN-13: 978-0741443366

Book Description
Thirteen amazing stories of survival and triumph are woven together in this inspiring book. Up From Rock Bottom will encourage you and help you find your purpose through adversity.

About the Author
Alicia Williams is a gifted actress, writer and motivational speaker. The Detroit native received a Bachelor s of Art Degree in African-American Studies from the University of Kentucky. Alicia immersed herself in college life and formed Circle of Imani, a collegiate woman s support group. Using the support group as a platform, Alicia facilitated workshops, retreats and performances which addressed concerns involving self-esteem, abstinence and family issues. Dedicated to using her talents to affect the lives of many, Alicia was inspired to write Up From Rock Bottom to encourage and strengthen people who have experienced or are experiencing their darkest hours

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