EDC Creations Introduction

EDC Creations Introduction

Welcome to the World of EDC Creations Book Promotions!


We are an exciting new marketing, branding, and promotions firm. We specialize in Internet book promotions and PR, graphic and website design, and marketing materials for small to medium-sized businesses, new authors, and individuals. Our award-winning team offers outstanding service and quick turnaround times without the high costs, impersonal attitude, and expensive rates of a larger marketing agency.


We have garnered widespread acclaim for our expertise in the field of author promotion. By partnering with us to promote your title, you will receive all of the following standout services:

  • E-Blast Announcements To Over 132,000 Subscribers
  • Web 2.0 Website Design
  • Customized Author Marketing Plans
  • Full Internet Media Coverage

In addition to our literary PR efforts, we also offer:

  • Full-Service Direct And Indirect Marketing Campaigns
  • Exemplary Graphic Design And Marketing Materials
  • Imaginative Website And Image Development
  • Unique Internet Marketing Plans


We make marketing communications easy by assisting you with Internet outreach strategies, viral marketing plans, and state-of-the-art Web 2.0 production, all designed to build communications that move markets. As our record can attest, EDC Creations can put your high-quality communications and books in the hands of customers the world over.


EDC Creations is also proud to serve as the sponsor of the highly popular Black Authors Network Radio Show, which airs three times a week and offers invaluable information sure to interest booklovers and writers who wish to be published, as well as those who need fresh ideas about how to market their books. Join renowned host Ella Curry as she continues to present an interesting array of figures from the literary world, all with compelling stories sure to entertain, enlighten, and empower!


Join us today and see just how we’re revolutionizing the world of marketing and promotions! To learn more, visit us online at http://www.edc-creations.com.

Ella Curry, President and CEO of EDC Creations

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