Fear or Faith by Renee Wiggins


Poem: “Fear or Faith?

As I continue to change,

I can step out in faith

Or step back in fear.”

” I am ready to tear

Down the walls that

Are holding me back,

Brick By brick.”

Copyright © 2009. Renee Wiggins. All Rights Reserved.

Transformations: Give Up The Struggle by Renee Wiggins
ISBN-10: 098256130X

Transformations Give up the Struggle is a collection of poetry, statements, verses, and thoughts centered on one theme…to inspire and motivate. At every turn in life we must face tough times.

This book illustrates how we can learn, build and grow from these situations.  Transformations: Give Up The Struggle is a book filled with soulful affirmations you can easily and effortlessly incorporate into your daily life.

For more affirmations, purchase Transformations: Give Up the Struggle at http://www.resultsbyrenee.com

About the Author
Renee Wiggins is the owner of Results By Renee, a wellness company based in Maryland. Her mission is to help people achieve optimum health through nutrition, fitness and supplemented with stress reduction techniques. Ms. Wiggins designs lifestyle programs for individuals and groups. She is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Massage Therapist.

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