Ever Changing: Inside Outward by Rhonda K. Herring

“I am amazed at how God orchestrated my life perfectly, intentionally and purposely!”–Rhonda
Contact: Rhonda Herring Dent
– E-mail: everchanging@e-rhonda.net or dentr0413@verizon.net
 Author Rhonda K. Herring is releasing her new book, Ever Changing. She gives a bold account of spiritual development and growth that led her to look within herself for the strength and courage to make a difference in her life and in others. Her journey takes her readers from childhood, to adulthood, to purpose.

Rhonda Herring lives in northern Virginia and is a Senior Program Analyst for the Department of Defense. She has been with the Department of Defense for more than twenty-two years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.
Ever Changing is the story of how one woman submitted herself to God’s will and how He sustained her in her darkest moments. She describes the intimate details of her relationship with God and how He transformed her life. Based on the beloved “Serenity Prayer” that was instilled in the author as a young child. How she learned the true meaning of the prayer and how it sustained her through her trials and tribulations. She finds the courage to change the things she can and the “wisdom” to know the difference.

Ever Changing was written for those who do not understand why they are going through difficult times and experiencing constant changes in their lives. It is for those who are seeking the wisdom to identify the things they can change and to be wise enough to leave those things they can not change to God. This testimony teaches self-acceptance, acceptance of others and the acceptance of change with the understanding that unless God sails the ship we are afloat.
Rhonda states, “I have always loved to read and to write since I was a child. I began to write in a journal some years ago and to communicate with God as I went through some struggles in my life.

A few years prior to maintaining the journal I had a vision of change. From the vision I understood that God would use me in some capacity to promote change.

As I began typing my memoirs on my computer a story began to unfold before me. Only then did I realize the correlation of my writing to my vision. Thus leading me to write Ever Changing.
“Ever Changing is triumphantly wonderful, painfully dynamic and is the ultimate road map to purpose.” —Rhonda

Gazelle Press is an imprint of Genesis Communications, Inc., a publisher of Christian books since 1987. Its mission is to equip Christians to have a better understanding of God’s Word and His will for their lives. Rhonda Herring is an author and teacher whose ministry to the Body of Christ is bringing the message of hope, healing and experiencing the Glory of God!
“Ever Changing is truly an outstanding inspirational story that reveals the infinite power to transform thoughts and feelings through self reflection and self awareness. The message within this book is not only inspiring, it is straightforward and demonstrates how transforming oneself from the inside outward is the truest path to enlightenment. This book is a factual testimony of God’s power to guide us from within and evoke changes that lead to inner peace. Rhonda’s story presents a candid and humble account of a journey to understand how self acceptance and spiritual wisdom can lead all of us to qenuine peace and joy. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to cultivate a deeper understanding from within.”
– Dr. Jane Bradley, Professor of Finance and Accounting, Baker College Online.
“Rhonda K. Herring shares her courageous testimony of change! Her honesty and simplicity in describing significant events in her life is soul-searching. By reading her trials, tribulations and victories as they happened, the reader accompanies Rhonda on her journey toward purpose. Her heartache, joy, elation, and above all, hope lifts off the pages. Rhonda moves the reader to think about where they go to draw upon for strength and hope in their own ‘ever-changing’ lives.”
– Veronica Helden, Arlington, VA.
“Ever Changing communicates the strength of a true relationship with God. It is practical and inspiring and will give everyone the encouragement to press on. It imparts the understanding that unless God does the navigating, we have no direction. You will laugh cry, and rejoice with the author, but ultimately you will come to the realization that God is present in all situations. By sharing her journey we all understand our own. Her honesty is inspiring and her journey liberating. Ever Changing is a must read!”
– Karen St Clair, Greenville, NC

Rhonda Herring Dent
Email: everchanging@e-rhonda.net
Author’s Website:  http://www.e-rhonda.net

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