Hostage of Lies by Dr. Maxine E. Thompson

Hostage of Lies by Dr. Maxine E. Thompson

How important is the past? For 40-year-old Titi, who’s always felt like an outsider in her own family, it’s vital.Titi has returned home for her father’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration, but she’s not there with well wishes for the man who sent her away many years ago. She’s come looking for answers—about the child she was forced to give up for adoption and about her family’s secretive history.

Her mother does not want her snooping into family affairs that are better left in the past, but Titi is determined. She knows there must be some truth to the strange stories her beloved great-grandmother told her as a child, and now she’s not leaving until she learns the truth—even if it destroys her family in the process.

Hostage of Lies is in stores now. It can also be purchased from Kensington Books or any of the online retailers.


Meet the Author
Dr. Maxine E. Thompson is the owner of Black Butterfly Press, Maxine Thompson’s Literary Services and Thompson Literary Show, and Maxine Show. She hosts an Internet radio show on She is the author of novel, The Ebony Tree, Award-winning Hostage of Lies, A Place Called Home, The Hush Hush Secrets of Writing Fiction That Sells, How to Publish, Market and Promote your Book Via Ebook Publishing, The Hush Hush Secrets of Creating a Life You Love, Anthology, SECRET LOVERS, (with novella, Second Chances,) and Summer of Salvation.

SECRET LOVERS made the Black Expression’s Book Club Bestselling list on 7-8-06 (after a 6-6-06 release date.) A new anthology, All in the Family, (her novella, Summer of Salvation) came out in April 2007). Another new anthology, Never Knew Love Like This Before (her novella, Katrina Blues,) was published in June 2007. It was #13 on Amazon’s top 100. Is now a Kindle choice and on their bestsellers list and has been on there many times as a multicultural and romance anthology. Novel, Hostage of Lies, came out in December 2009 and was voted a Best Book on EDC Creations/Black Pearl Magazine.

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