What to Expect if Palin Flops in St. Louis Debate

[Straight From The Maverick] What to Expect if Palin Flops in St. Louis Debate

It’s now a little more than a month before this nation will elect its next president. What is known is that the momentum is shifting significantly in Sen. Barack Obama’s favor, and if an election were held based on the current polling, he stands to win in an Electoral College landslide.With a historic reality looming so prominently, it’s safe to say we may see a very vigorous and virulent counteroffensive on Obama in these final days by his rival, Sen. John McCain, and his Republican Party cohorts and adherents.

The way I see it, the Republicans are hoping that they can reclaim a reason to be embolden much like they were after last month’s party convention in St. Paul with a credible to strong performance by vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. She was the reason why McCain peaked in the polls this time last month, capping a month-long foray against Obama that had him ahead by as many as five percentage points in the major polls and virtually even in the Electoral College.

What if, though, Palin performs as miserably as she had in recent media interviews with credible reporters? What if Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, manages to perform error free and makes such a clear contrast that confirms McCain had made another poor decision during his campaign? What if Palin ineffectiveness in the debate solidifies the case that McCain’s too unstable to be president, and she is conceptually unable to assume the duties expected of a vice president?

This is what I see will dominate the tone of the Republicans’ anti-Obama rhetoric:

· He’s a liberal. This has always been one of their staple arguments against Obama in that he has replaced Sen. Ted Kennedy as the face of liberalism with his voting record both as a member of the Illinois state senate and now the U.S. Senate.

· He’s a radical. According some of the vitriol that’s been spewed by the more conservative Republicans, Obama is nothing more than a Marxist who has managed to so dupe mainstream America. They’ll go after him again by making Muslim associations with his middle name, Hussein, and they’ll also go on the attack with his past associations.

· Guilt by association. Obama’s critics will bring up with renewed passion his former association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who is most infamous for his “God Damn America” comment during a sermon. They will bring up his professional association with known subversive Willie Ayers, who had been linked to bombing several buildings including the Pentagon. The critics decry Ayers’ non-mainstream views and ideology as nothing more than a means of polluting the minds of the next generation with anti-American sentiment from the 1960s. And they link Obama as a cohort to Ayers because he was chairman to the organization that Ayers founded.

· More guilt by association. They’ll bring up Obama’s interactions with ACORN, another liberal organization that uses similar racial guilt tactics to extort the fiduciary world just as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had mastered against corporate America. And did I forget Tony Rezko, the convicted one-time real estate millionaire who is still trying to stay out of Federal prison?

· The media. If Palin flops in this week’s debate in St. Louis, they’ll point fingers with more conviction at the event’s moderator, Gwen Ifill, who has authored “The Breakthough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama” and is scheduled to be released on Jan. 20, 2009. Ifill is a long-time reporter with the Leher News Hour on PBS. She is widely respected by her peers, but there are conservative-bent pundits who are already crying foul. They’ll blame Ms. Ifill for Palin’s poor debate performance and for the nails that might be nailed into McCain’s presidential campaign coffin.

· Race. If all else fails, they just might remind white America in the most blatant of campaign symbolisms that it cannot lower itself to voting for a black man biracial heritage – a father of Kenyan origin and a white mother born in Kansas raised in Hawaii, and benefitted from affirmative action.

Maybe I should look the other way. Maybe Obama’s critics have some credible rant against him. Maybe he is nothing more than a Marxist who managed to infiltrate America’s consciousness with mega charisma and a message of hope and change, but not for what he’s espoused for nearly two years on the campaign trail.

You know what? George W. Bush had a brand of charisma, too. He was the guy who made it a referendum on character during the 2000 election and values during the 2004 election. He was the guy who hailed himself as a compassionate conservative and would unite this country. He was the guy who promised that he would run the most ethical administration ever. And he was the guy who portrayed himself as somebody that we could sit and have a beer with him.

Yeah, look where that’s gotten us.

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