Somewhat Saved by Pat G’Orge-Walker

Somewhat Saved -5 star book review

by Pat G’Orge-Walker (Author)

Pat as Sister Betty

From Publishers Weekly
In the latest loving church spoof from G’Orge-Walker (Sister Betty! God’s Calling You, Again!), Sister Betty and her fellow evangelists get shipped off to Las Vegas to attend the evangelical Mothers Conference. After Betty and her two nemeses, Mother Sasha Pray Onn and Mother Bea Blister (about whom the Reverend Bling thinks to himself Doggone Alzheimer’s gonna make those two old crones destroy my place of business), arrive with much hullabaloo, Bea spots someone she recognizes but can’t place. The narrative then shifts to Zipporah, a beautiful homeless woman, and G’Orge-Walker expertly balances touching emotion with the ladies’ antics as Zipporah gets a job that eventually leads her to the ladies and learns some things about herself in the process. Bickering, gambling and comeuppance are all on the agenda as the crew, far from the Pelzer, S.C., parish whence they came, negotiate Sin City. (Apr.)
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Book Description-Purchase Your Copy Today
In her latest, most soulful and side-splitting send-up of church life yet, Pat G’Orge-Walker’s hilarious cast of parishioners battle their worst vices, the funny and serious sides of aging, and each other… Mother Sasha Pray Onn and Mother Bea Blister live on the edge–of Christianity, that is, and they’re about to knock Sister Betty off her sanctified perch. As the senior citizen matrons of the Ain’t Nobody Saved but Us-All Others Goin’ to Hell church, their devotion to the Lord must compete with their secret passions for gambling and grudges against each other. But their long-held animosity is about to be complicated when the new pastor, the Reverend Leotis Tom, wants to reorganize the Mothers Board in time for the upcoming Las Vegas Conference and asks a reluctant Sister Betty to run for President.After a scuffle at a secret Bingo game at the No Hope Now-Mercy Nevah church, the bumbling Reverend Bling Moe Bling pacifies Mothers Blister and Pray Onn by giving them two tickets to Las Vegas where the annual Mothers Board Conference will be held. In Vegas, Mother Blister befriends a destitute young woman named Zipporah who does something no one has ever been able to: touch Mother Blister’s heart. But in trying to help her, Mother Blister finds out Zipporah’s past might be at complete odds with Mother Blister’s present.

As the chaos and comedy get out of hand, so do the questions about who is who, who did what to whom, and where and when. Just as surprising are the answers, which show that despite everyone’s best–or worst–intentions, from cradle to grave, it’s God who is ultimately in charge.

  • ISBN-10: 0758218893
  • ISBN-13: 978-0758218896


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